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1. Resonance Absorption of Ultrasound on Nuclei
A.R. Kessel'
JETP, 1959, Vol. 9, No. 5, p. 1031
PDF (461.4K)

2. On the Effect of Acoustic Resonance Pulses on a Nuclear Spin System
A.R. Kessel'
JETP, 1961, Vol. 12, No. 3, p. 604
PDF (489.9K)

3. Electric Quadrupole Induction Effect in Electron Resonance
4. On the Theory of the Spin Echo
A.R. Kessel'
JETP, 1962, Vol. 14, No. 4, p. 895
PDF (326.9K)

5. Conduction electron spin echo in metals
6. Theory of magnetic resonance in the lsing model
7. Theory of spin induction and conduction-electron echo in bulky metallic samples
8. Acoustic resonance saturation as a spin "bottleneck" effect
9. Spin diffusion in nuclear quadrupole resonance
10. Suppression of spin-spin width of the resonance line of a nonequidistant NMR spectrum with the aid of RF pulses
11. Echo effect in metallic powders at low temperatures
12. Tunnel current as detector of EPR of impurity spins in a junction
13. Optical phase relaxation of impurity ions in a resonant radiation field
14. Modulation resonance in a spectrally inhomogeneous medium
15. Indirect spin interaction via the phonon field. Exact results
16. Capture of quadrupole moment of a nucleus by a high-intensity acoustic wave
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