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1. Study of spin-wave resonance in a superconductor with paramagnetic impurities
2. Spin fluctuations and heavy fermions in the Kondo lattice
G.G. Khaliullin
JETP, 1994, Vol. 79, No. 3, p. 473
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3. ESR study of the spin fluctuation dynamics of a cerium Kondo impurity in La1-xCexlnCu2
4. Investigation of the electronic properties of sodium-tungsten bronzes
5. Theory of spin-lattice relaxation of conduction electrons in small metallic particles
6. Investigation of the energy gap in SmB6 by the ESR method
7. Boundary conditions for the nonequilibrium magnetization of conduction electrons at tunnel junctions
8. Electron paramagnetic resonance in superconducting La3-xGdxIn
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