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1. Effect of the medium on the bremsstrahlung of an electron in the optical frequency range
2. Nonadiabatic transitions between decaying states
3. Bremsstrahlung Spectrum of Ultrarelativistic Electrons in a Dense Medium
4. Damping of states in the problem of intersecting terms
5. Electromagnetic radiation of particles channeled in a crystal
6. Spectral distribution of the radiation in planar and axial channeling of ultrarelativistic electrons
7. Coherent effects in the loss of electrons by channeled ions
8. Influence of radiation on the motion of channeled particles
9. Bremsstrahlung from relativistic electrons and positrons traveling nearly parallel to crystal axes and planes
10. Quantum theory of inelastic scattering of negatively-charged particles by oriented crystals
11. X-ray Cherenkov radiation. Theory and experiment
12. Radiation emitted by channeled positrons in the continuous potential of the planes of a crystal
13. Role of various mechanisms of electron loss by Ions in axial channeling
14. Theory of ionization of fast atomic particles in a crystal
15. Quantum theory of channeled electron and positron scattering in a crystal
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