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1. Isomorphism of Critical Phenomena
2. Experimental Investigation of the Singularity of Specific Heat at the Critical Stratification Point of a Binary Mixture
3. Effect of Anomalies of the Kinetic Coefficients Near the Critical Points of Liquids on the Nature of High-frequency Sound Propagation
4. The Behavior of Thermodynamical Quantities Near the Critical Line of an "Incompressible" Liquid Mixture
5. Scaling theory and the equation of state of argon in a wide region around the critical point
6. Experimental Verification of the Isomorphism
7. Anomaly of the specific heat and the nature of the phase transition from an isotropic liquid to a nematic liquid crystal
8. Critical exponents of liquids
9. Melting of ice near a hydrophilic surface
10. Orientational phase transitions in ammonium bromide at high pressures
11. Universality of critical dynamics of nematic liquid crystals
12. lsomorphous equation of state in a broad vicinity of the critical point of a binary mixture
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