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1. Faraday Effect in the Iron Garnet Y3Fe5O12:Ho3+
2. Faraday Effect and Reversal of Magnetic Sublattices of Rare-earth Iron Garnet
3. Magnetic birefringence and the domain structure of antiferromagnetic cobalt carbonate
4. Equivalent noncollinear structures in the cubic ferrimagnet GdlG induced by a magnetic field
5. lnvestigation of orientation transitions and coexistence of magnetic phases in the cubic ferrimagnet GdlG
6. Magnetooptical investigation of the noncollinear magnetic structure of gadolinium iron garnet
7. Influence of the linear magnetostriction on the orientation of phase boundaries in dysprosium orthoferrite
8. Magnetic circular dichroism in antiferromagnetic cobalt fluoride
9. Spontaneous phase transitions and optical anisotropy in manganese germanium garnet (Ca3Mn2Ge3O12
10. Magnetic phase diagram for FeC03, an lsing antiferromagnet with anti-ferromagnetic inter- and intrasublattice exchange coupling
11. Magnetooptical investigations of the noncollinear state induced in antiferromagnetic cobalt fluoride by a longitudinal magnetic field
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