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1. Tunneling Between Two Superconductors
2. Electrodynamics of the Josephson Effect
3. Effect of External Fluctuations on the Properties of Superconducting Microjunctions Near Critical Temperature
4. Excitation of Sound in a Josephson Junction
5. Influence of Low-frequency Fluctuations on Superconducting Tunneling
6. The Josephson Effect in Small Tunnel Contacts
7. Some Features of the Josephson Radiation
8. Fluctuations in a Josephson Contact
9. Excitation of paramagnetic impurities by a tunneling electron
10. Magnetic ordering of impurities in dilute alloys
11. Effect of Lattice Oscillations on the Tunnel Current in Normal Metals
12. Current state of semimetals with paramagnetic impurities
13. Determination of the electron scattering amplitudes from the high-frequency properties of conductors
14. Absorption of sound in dilute magnetic alloys
15. Investigation of metastable current states in superconducting AI, Sn, and In films
16. Instability of the resistive state in two-dimensional superconductors
17. Kinetics of superconductivity destruction by current in thin films
18. Induction of intermediate ordered phases in Heisenberg magnets by fluctuational exchange inversion
19. New mechanism of penetration of vortices into current-saturated superconducting films
20. Localized resistive regions in superconducting thin films
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