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1. Spin-lattice relaxation of nuclei of paramagnetic ions in strongly anisotropic van Vleck paramagnets
2. Interactions of nuclear spins in strongly anisotropic van Vleck paramagnets
3. Magnetic resonance in the Van Vleck paramagnets Tm(C2H5SO4 )∑9H2O and LiTmF4 under uniaxial and hydrostatic compression
4. Relaxation of the nuclear magnetism of liquid 3He at the surface of paramagnetic crystals
5. NMR of copper and praseodymium in the two-phase compound Pr1.85Ce0.15CuO4-y
6. Nuclear magnetic relaxation of liquid 3He in the pores of oriented LiTmF4 powder
7. Nuclear relaxation caused in Van Vleck paramagnets by fluctuations of the hyperfine magnetic field
8. Temperature dependence of the NMR shift and line width in Van Vleck paramagnets
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