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1. Concerning the kinetics of stimulated gamma radiation in the transient regime
2. Amplification in a nonthreshold parametric x-ray (γ-ray) laser
3. Focusing and channeling of neutrons and of other uncharged particles in a ferromagnet by dynamic and static methods
4. Coherent excitation of inversion of nuclei by a modulated beam of randomly distributed relativistic electrons
5. POIIibility of nonthreshold γ amplification in a system of polarized nuclei
V.I. Vysotskii
JETP, 1979, Vol. 50, No. 2, p. 250
PDF (192.6K)

6. Possibility of nonthreshold γ-ray channeling in crystals
7. Anomalous channeling and quasicharacteristic radiation of nonrelativistic electrons in ionic crystals
8. Magnetic channeling of neutrons in nonmagnetic crystals
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