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1. Changes in the Atomic Absorption Spectrum in the Field of a Light Wave. I.
2. Nonlinear Absorption of Ruby Laser Emission by Molecular Rubidium Vapor
3. Nonresonant excitation of atomic fluorescence in alkali-metal vapor
4. Investigation of the nonlinear dependence of the population of inhomogeneously broadened two-level systems on the intensity and width of the spectrum of the exciting radiation
5. Investigation of stimulated four-photon parametric scattering of laser radiation in alkali-metal vapor
6. Inelastic processes of light scattering in alkali-metal vapor. Molecular fluorescence
7. Experimental observation of Landau-Zener nonlinearity in optical excitation of atoms
8. Manifestation of states of quasibound motion of atoms in the nonlinear excitation spectrum of resonant fluorescence
9. Photodesorption of sodium from the surface of sapphire
10. Photoemission of neutral atoms from the surface of a metal
11. Spectral-kinetic manifestations of nonadiabatic coupling of molecular states under conditions of fast vibrational relaxation
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